Specialist for milling, turning, grinding, cutting, heat spray coating and welding, plastic processing machinery
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DUKE Abraham s.r.o.

Welcome on the all-Czech family company called DUKE Abraham s.r.o. from a town of Tachov in West Bohemia. The company offers you services in the field of metal production either on CNC or conventional machines, hydraulics or pneumatics relating machines or equipment services, and spare parts and equipment for injection machines or extruders production (DMT mixer, filtering sieve, jet, reduction, head, adapter etc.)

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Flexibilitywhy choose us

Adapting to your requirements by a fast change of the production options and capacity

Qualitywhy choose us - complexity

High standard of the services provided thanks to the inner control mechanism

Delivery datewhy choose us date

The agreed delivery date is important and fixed for us

Customer serviceswhy choose us flexibility

Communicative and honest ally in your eventual needs